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Our concierge platform helps you eliminate the head of buying software. Get the best price and terms as we help you navigate the journey


savings per contract


ROI on average


in savings generated Vendors: 200+

How We Work


Upload existing or new contract you need help and our team handles the rest.


We will analyze the test stack and negotiate the best price for you. We use our data set and existing vendor relationships.


We partner with 100 of IT vendors. Our platform shows you the saving along with status of every step


We make sure that buying and renewing enterprise software doesn’t take up all your time or cost too much money.

Manage all your contacts and vendors in one place.

We help you bring transparency to every step, vendor, contract all in a single place

Webvar App interface

Loop in our buyers or other stakeholders and manage each journey with transparency

Webvar app interface


We can serve as a fulfilment partner for you and sell software at cost. We use data to compare your contracts and prices with bench mark from 1000s of other customers to proactively unlock savings.

Flexible terms to fit your business

Contract Management, Approve, pay invoice using our tools: Get flexible payment terms 30-90 days

Spend Incentives

We don't just help you save we provide rewards. The more spend the more we give back. Our reward program is % based - the more we transact with our vendors- we pass along the savings to you the customer

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Everything in one place—files, next steps, contact info makes proof of value easier, and allows for a super smooth transition from evaluation to implementation.