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On average

Large companies use over 140 SaaS tools

SaaS spend is growing at 30% YoY

SaaS spend is one of the top 3 expenses in most companies

Lack of pricing transparency. Cost+Markup model is broken

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Upload existing or new contract you need help with and our team will handle the rest.


We will analyze the test stack and negotiate the best price for you. We use our data set and existing vendor relationships.


Our platform shows you the saving along with status of every step


As your company grows, teams are going to keep buying software tools. We make sure that buying and renewing enterprise software doesn’t take up all your time or cost too much money.

Buy software with transparency.

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We help you navigate each step of the transaction

Collaboration Platform

Our platform gives you visibility and transparency to collaborate with all stakeholders

Deal Data and Insights

Telemetry into previous transactions, contracts and other processes. We provide data to help you make informed decisions.

Guaranteed Savings

We provide incentives and guaranteed savings, a first in this industry

Buyer Centric

Every company is different, that's why we build the journeys around your workflows.

Unique Business Model

We provide flexible transparent pricing- no more cost + mark up.

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We guarantee savings or your money back

We act as your on-demand procurement team and charge a flat fee to ensure you keep the majority of the savings. If by chance we can’t find you any savings, there’s no cost to you.

Contract renewals, cost increases, new vendors—in a big company, it’s always something. Whether you’re acquiring a new software or you’ve been neglecting your SaaS spend for too long, we can help.

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